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In these difficult times, it is a great option to have a mobile vet to come to you and take care of your pets. This allows you to stay safely at home w/o going to a clinic full of people. Our mobile veterinary practice revolves around the health and well-being of our patients, their owners, our community and our team. We are not taking the current Coronavirus problem lightly and wanted to make you aware that we are well within CDC guidelines to care for you and your families as we take care of your furry family.

Below are some of the ways that we are working to keep everyone safe:
1. There are only 2 of us, Julie and myself, and we work in isolation, and always have.
2. We are Not exposed to a clinic or office full of people.
3. We take our temperature every day before beginning work to ensure that it is normal.
4. We wear protective outer smocks which are removed after each appointment & replaced by new ones.
5. We disinfect everything we bring on an appointment including all equipment & ourselves (hands, arms, shoes, etc.) between each and every appointment.
6. We practice social distancing with our clients.
7. We do not go to an appointment if anyone in the household is sick.
8. Please forgive us for not shaking your hands at this time as we try to decrease transmission of any illness.
9. We are following both local and national updates very closely in order to make adjustments as needed.
10. We wear surgical masks at owner request. If you would like us to wear masks, let us know.

Desert Bloom Mobile Veterinary Service has been helping keep pets happy & healthy for over 10 years
Please feel free to share our contact information with your family and friends that may have pets in need as well. We will be able to see all patients, even if they are not patients already of record.
As long as we are healthy, we pledge to work to keep your pets (and you) healthy as well.
Bring the Vet to your Pet!
Dr. Molina & Julie