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Dr. Molina and her staff are amazing. My zoo has been seeing Dr. Molina for 7 years now and I wouldn't see anyone else. She's so compassionate, caring and sensitive to the critters she sees. My dogs, who are very hesitant of everyone else actually get excited to see Dr. Molina and my ferrets love her too! She really connects to her patients and explains everything to their owners in a way that's thorough and direct without 'dumbing things down' for the everyman. She's quick, thinks out of the box and we really enjoy the added bonus of her extensive knowledge of ferrets and alternative medicines. Thanks for everything you've done and will do in the future!
Sam Wallace Mesa, AZ

I have used Desert Bloom Mobile Veterinary Service for a year now and I am very happy. They come to your home so your pets are relaxed and in a safe-feeling place, their own home. I have three ferrets and they have never been in better health. Recently I had Dr. Molina do a spay surgery, and her work is top notch. My little girl healed perfectly and with no problems. She and her staff are wonderful at what they do. They are so loved by all my fuzzies. Thanks.
Preston Wheeler. . . Jazzy/Hershe/Bandit

I use Desert Bloom for all our veterinary needs. I have found the service to be unbeatable. No more stressing my animals out and putting them in a car to drag them down the street to a strange place with strange smells. Now my pets can be secure in the comfort of their own home while being treated for their medical issues. Dr. Molina has an amazing relationship with all my pets and is very professional. 5 stars.
Anna Peerman, Mesa AZ

I have been going to Jeannette since I moved to the valley in 2003, and I will never need another vet as long as I live here no matter what animal the pet is. I had a special needs ferret when I got here and wanted to find the right vet. I just happened to stumble upon Jeannette, and her expertise in ferrets really helped him live a quality life in his last few years. I now have dogs, and they are always excited to see her and feel very comfortable. She is honest, thorough, and cares about the well being of all her clients whether it be a ferret, dog, or any other beast that she sees. She is not just a great vet, but a great person as well.
Tyler S. (Elway, Montezuma, Lulu)

Dr. Molina,
I just want to give a quick (but BIG) thanks to you and your staff! Finding a mobile pet service that I can count on and trust has made a HUGE difference in my dogs' lives.
Going to the vet has never been a great experience...Toting two large dogs in my 'mini' car, dealing with their nervousness and fear (they could smell the vet within a block), and finding a time that I could get both dogs in at once on my busy schedule was always an ordeal.
Having Desert Bloom has been a saving grace. My dogs are totally calm because they are in their own home, and also because Dr. Molina and her staff always take time to calm the dogs down before poking and prodding :) The price is the same if not cheaper, it takes less time, and the dogs tails are back to wagging much sooner :)
Thanks for taking such good care of Stella and Kaiser!

Tara Hetzer

I have two healthy and happy dogs. My thanks to Dr. Molina and her excellent care of my pets over the years.
Mel Beaver